Goal 1: Earning $100,000 2

In this post I will be writing about my goal of earning wealth!

It is truly said that money is only a part of wealth, but still, it is a big part of it. When I convinced myself for trying the “Law of Attraction” for money, I had earlier decided on a small amount, just $10k (“k” is used for thousand). But I wanted to think of some amount so big, that it could blow my mind after I earned it, just like Jack Canfield had said in the movie, “The Secret”, while telling his story of making $100,000 in a year!

Till November 2013, I have earned around $330 online. Around $270 from Google and $40 from Amazon Affiliates, I’ll keep this blog updated about my earnings. And more than 90% of these is after I learnt about the Law of Attraction and started using it more and more! Except for these $310 that I earned very recently, I was trying to earn online but without applying the Law of Attraction, with negativity and not much hope I had just earned $10 for a Video of the week on ViewBug.com back in 2007 for a video I had downloaded from YouTube and re-uploaded there (they don’t support video anymore), and just $7 on Adf.ly, these 3 earnings are my only earnings till date online!

As of right now, I don’t know how I am going to earn these $100k, but I don’t have to worry about that. I am not an US citizen but have some US Dollar bills which my father got for me after a recent trip to NY. I have written $100,000 with a permanent marker on a $1 bill (just like Jack Canfield), and I am going to always keep it with me and also put its this digital copy on the virtual Vision Board!

$100,000 written with a permanent marker on a $1 banknote.

$100,000 written with a permanent marker on a $1 banknote.

By having a closer look on this banknote, you can see the $10,002 written with a blue pen below the $100,000 and it also reminds me to tell you that earlier I was very superstitious and considered 3,6 and 9 or any no. that added up to these values as very lucky! And after my life changed, I have stopped believing in any such thing and consider everything in this world very lucky and auspicious!

This note makes me believe that I have written those $100k permanently into my future! I have it with me here right now as I type this and I am going to look at it daily and will also visualize the things I am going to buy from that money! And will also post all those as Goals here in this Blog.

P.S. It feels great to have finally posted my first goal and many many many more goals and even more success stories coming soon! And from this post I am going to start writing shorter posts, which are more precise! Have A Great Day, Everyday!!! Just Keep Smiling ALL THE TIME and trust me, everything will be MEGA ULTRA SUPER GREAT!:-)

2 thoughts on “Goal 1: Earning $100,000

  1. Reply Hannah Nov 18,2013 7:22 pm

    After recently finding out how fascinating The secret and the LOA is, I did an internet search and stumbled across your blog, it would be interesting to know how you’ve got on with your goal!

    • Reply PC Nov 21,2013 3:17 am

      Hey Hannah,
      Thanks for asking!

      I had got really excited about these $100,000 in Dec. 2012 and made a few websites (with Google Adsense and Amazon Associates for generating income from them) on various subjects and an YouTube account. There wasn’t much growth initially and I lost the excitement and didn’t visualize and pay attention on my dream. But almost magically, about 2 months ago, I was checking my various income generating accounts after a few months and I had made around $300! It was because many of my websites are suddenly getting regular visitors and so now I understand the whole Secret(LOA), and it’s just that you need to keep visualizing and working on whatever you like(in my case, website creation) and keep believing that you have already achieved your goal, and something will suddenly make you realize how close to achieving your goal you are, while before that you may just think that nothing’s happening!

      Now that I have realized this, I am just adding more content to my current websites and creating a few more, and I know that my income is just gonna increase exponentially! :-)

      All the BEST,
      Paawan :-)

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